For both the wind and solar industry we supply state of the art brake solutions to guarantee quick and safe braking.

In the past few decades we have become an innovator in the development of brake systems, and have met the evolving needs of a growing market. With production facilities in the Netherlands and China we are always able to deliver quality and we can supply complete solutions for your systems.

All our Hydraulic brakes are designed according the Finite Element Method (FEM) and have a lifespan of minimum 20 years if maintained properly. Every brake we manufacture is comprehensively tested and can be customized and certified to comply with your requirements. 

The brakes are available in a variety of versions, for example with  a high pressure solution, making it possible to work at 210 bar continuously without leakages. We can also provide our brakes with an offshore finish to withstand corrosive environments. Our after-sales team can provide all spare parts necessary to ensure a reliable and safe brake system. 

We supply standard brakes and custom-designed brakes for both renewable energy solutions, such as wind turbines and sun trackers, and for industrial solutions. Our product range includes:

  • Yaw brakes
  • Rotor brakes

Advantages of our Brakes are:

  • Low noise
  • Operational in extreme weather conditions  -40°C / +70°C
  • Less service needed
  • Minimum lifetime of the brake is 20 years 
  • High quality surface treatment 
  • Custom design possibilities for 180 or 210 bar working pressure

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