We design and manufacture our own customized hydraulic units.

Braking systems you can rely on:

We design, assemble and test braking systems for the wind turbine  industry to ensure each wind turbine’s yaw system and rotor system remains reliable and in safe control. We develop a hydraulic braking system that meets the requirements and technical specifications of each customer. We are able to develop the complete braking system or just the hydraulic power unit which controls the brakes and rotor lock cylinder.

Tailored solutions:

Due to our 30 years of experience, we typically work with first-class component manufacturers in the hydraulic sector. The investment of the complete braking system is relatively small in comparison with the total cost of the wind turbine, however it has a crucial influence in the availability and reliability of the wind turbine. For this reason we never compromise on the quality of the components used in our hydraulic braking system. The design of each prototype is made in the Netherlands and undergoes extensive testing.

Testing of the products:

Every single one of our Hydraulic Power Units are tested in our factory before they are shipped to our customers. For these tests we create a test protocol which has to be approved by our customer. The prototype testing is done by simulating actual and realistic circumstances in which the complete installation has to function, like ambient temperatures, humidity, working conditions, etc. After finishing the prototype test and approval of the results by the customer, we can start on serial production.

Serial production:

During the serial production, all Hydraulic Power Units are adjusted to the correct values like pressure settings, flow volume, etc. according to the test protocol. Standard with the delivery of each Hydraulic Power Unit comes a unique test certificate, delivered together with an instruction and maintenance schedule. We also provide Certificates of Origin for our products. At this moment we have the capacity to produce 2000-3000 Hydraulic Power Units. Hydraulic Power Units manufactured in China are built exactly the same way and with the same components as in Europe to ensure consistent quality.

Advantages of our Hydraulic Power Units are:

  • Maximum functionality in a very small space
  • Operational in extreme weather conditions  -40°C / +70°C
  • Fast braking and retraction time for a reliable operation
  • Integrated or external hand pump for manual brake activation or de-activation in case of a power failure
  • Integrated 10 micron high pressure filters, to avoid any contamination in the hydraulic system and brakes