We supply manifold blocks for the use in wind turbines and hydraulic applications.

Manifold Blocks:

Our hydraulic manifolds consolidate and optimize machine control brake functions. The manifolds are flexible, compact, vibration-resistant, and very reliable in operation. Various control functions can be combined into a single manifold. Whether you have the need for a replacement manifold or the design of a complete new manifold according to your hydraulic diagram, our engineers can assist you with finding the optimal solution, taking efficiency and safety into consideration. For each design, we manufacture a prototype and provide you with all drawings and certificates needed to ensure that the manifold functions as it should be.

Advantages of our manifolds:

  • All manifolds are 100% circuit logic and function-tested.
  • Can be manufactured  in steel or aluminium design.
  • Seat valves with no leakage
  • Maximum functionality in a very small space
  • Anodized or zinc plating for protection in severe environments.
  • Industry-common valve cavities.
  • Fittings, safeties, valves and accessory components can be included.

Hand pumps:

We manufacture screw-in, cartridge-style, push or pull type hand pumps with two built-in checks to operate manifold blocks manually. The hand pumps are delivered including a handling kit to operate the hand pump.

Advantages of our integrated hand pumps:

  • Hardened parts for long life.
  • Handle Beam rotates 360°
  • Push or pull linkage standard.
  • Heavy duty construction.
  • Industry common cavity.
  • Displacement up to 21,3 cc per stroke.


handpump mounted 2