We supply high quality piston accumulators manufactured by Hydroll Oy.

In its short history Hydroll Oy has become well known for the manufacture of the long lasting range of accumulators. The products have been manufactured to specifically withstand the requirements of heavy duty installations operating within harsh working conditions.

We supply two different types of piston accumulators. The HPS accumulators and the HPD Double action accumulators.

HPS accumulators

The HPS series is Hydroll Oy’s range of hydropneumatic piston accumulators. Hydroll Oy’s accumulators are manufactured with the latest European pressure equipment directives and standards. HPS accumulators are also available according to other design standards.
HPS accumulators have excellent gas sealing properties and are suitable for the use in the most harsh working conditions with the temperature range of -40°C + 100°C. HPS accumulators are available in 250, 350 and 415 bar pressure ranges and capacities of 0.1 – 80 litre in accordance with customer requirements and the benefits of serial production. Hydroll Oy is also known for its service, innovation and activity in the development of new products to specifically meet the customer needs.

HPD Double Action accumulators

The HPD series is Hydroll Oy’s range of double hydropneumatic piston accumulators. The design has two combined accumulators in one product. The HPD double action accumulator has a fluid connection in both end flanges and the gas is contained between two pistons within one unit. The product has considerable space and cost saving advantages. HPD double action accumulators are designed for heavy duty working conditions with a temperature range of -40°C + 100°C. Standard HPD accumulators are available in capacities of 0.4 – 1 litre and 250 bar pressure range in all types. HPD accumulators fulfil the requirements of the European Pressure Equipment Directive (97/23/EC). The HPD design is patented by Hydroll Oy and therefore unique.

Hydroll Oy is ISO 9001 certified in order to ensure the best possible quality.


  SerieHPS SerieHPD
Max operating pressure 250, 350 & 415 bar  250 bar
Max operating temperature -40C – +100C  -40ºC – +100C
Capacity 0.1 – 80 litre 0,4 a 1 litre
ID (mm)   50,80,100,140,160,180,
200 & 250 mm
Test pressure 385,501,594 bar 385 bar 
Fluid port R ¾ , 1 , 1 ½ & 2  R ½ , ¾ & 1 ½
Gas valve M16 x 2 mm M16 x 2 mm
Design approval According to PED (97/23/EC) According to PED (97/23/EC)